What Swedish Mail Order Brides Are Like

The Swedes are very friendly people. Perhaps this is why there are many myths about locals, that often no longer have any relation to the modern population of this Scandinavian country. Myths about Swedish mail order brides take a special place, which, on the one hand, is extolled due to stories about their beauty, and on the other, they are afraid for stories about “excesses” in the issue of emancipation. And the truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

But let us return to the main topic of this article – what Swedish mail order brides are like? How do they look, act, and react? What are their character traits?

Swedish hot girl

Swedish Brides Are Beautiful But Not Conceited

Even though the kingdom is relatively small in terms of population, you can meet people of different height, body structure, skin and hair color, and many other features. But typically, local ladies are very attractive. At least, the majority of them are beautiful. More than half of Swedish mail order brides have blonde hair. By scientists, this color makes both male and female, look younger (psychologically it is synonymous to attractiveness). Add to this a great physical form, thanks to big love for sports and physical activities. And we will understand why, men from different continents, of different races and cultures, consider Swedish mail order brides very beautiful and sexy.

Many men used to expect from beautiful and sexy ladies some form of proudness or conceits. So what a surprise most of the foreign men experience while communicating with stunning Swedish mail order brides. Local girls don’t show any signs of bad behavior. Such a great feature makes a desire to have a Swedish wife even stronger.

Local Girls Are Self Sufficient

Independence is the second most popular characteristic of ladies from Sweden. In contrast to many traditional societies of the Middle East, Africa and Asia (not all, but a majority), Sweden does not support the idea of traditional gender roles (where the husband is head of the family, and a wife is a supporter, who obediently follow the orders). Instead, gender equality is a cornerstone of this northern kingdom. One of the highest levels of economic development lets Swedish mail order brides be completely financially independent – not from parents nor a husband.

Swedish singles don’t look for a rich husband; they look for a good partner. Thanks to high salaries, local ladies may concentrate on self-development, family harmony, and comfort. So, if one of the Swedish women for marriage agreed to marry, you can be sure – she chose you, not your money.

Women From Sweden Are Honest

Those men who are dating Swedish women always mention another great feature – honesty. Because girls are brought up in the spirit of gender equality, they openly discuss problems with their partner and are not afraid to “scare away” the groom. Such a straight-forwardness is shocking for some not confident or narcissistic foreign men. But Swedes see honesty as the first step toward solving the problem or misunderstanding.

beautiful Swedish girl

Simple Rules Of Dating Sweden Mail Order Brides

If you want to date a stubborn blond Viking girl, you need to go to Sweden. Because the girls there really correspond to your ideas about the Scandinavians. Ikea’s homeland lives by very strict unwritten rules, known as the law of Jante. Therefore, to find contact with the Swedish beauty, follow simple, but important recommendations.

Straightforwardness and courtesy are very typical features in the behavior of the local women for marriage. Do not be surprised at a lot of questions! When meeting, they introduce themselves officially, shake hands. Titles are not often used. The Swedes talk about their personal lives without much desire. Try not to talk about work, income, religion, and divorce.

Don’t Show-off And Don’t Be Rude

So, first, you need to clarify two points:

Almost all the Swedish mail order brides devote themselves to a career, which is why they are very successful and self-sufficient (the country is in top-10 highest average salaries in the whole world).

The social and community structure of the Swedes in the Viking era was more disciplined than many of today’s societies in the 21st century.

It follows that beautiful Swedish women do not like to waste time in vain; you must talk with them on an equal footing. Local girls also love personal comfort and terrible formalists. Regarding the last, this means that if you haven’t discussed something with a lady, then she doesn’t think about it. This especially applies to the continuation of relationships or adherence to loyalty. Everything discussed, and all aspects confirmed.

Scientists also state that all Scandinavian countries adhere to the Jante (Lagoma) law, the essence of which is social equality. The point is, you can not tell someone you earn more money, or you are smarter or more beautiful than others. Simply said, it is strictly forbidden to brag about your achievements or demonstrate an arrogant attitude toward other people.

The first two rules of Yante are: “Do not think that you are special” and “Do not think that you are our equal.” Therefore, if you dress in a “brand”, and the potential Swedish bride comes in beautiful, but ordinary clothes – this can already be regarded as boasting and arrogance. But in general, pretty Swedish girls are very nice and friendly.

Use Dating Sites And Apps

Everyone knows – the easiest way to get acquainted with girls in Europe through applications. But, this rule applies even more strongly to the Swedish mail order brides. Swedish culture is not very social; they don’t talk to each other much. Foreigners say that, for example, compared to Canada, the UK, or the USA, where people easily communicate with strangers, in Sweden, it is almost impossible to make an occasional acquaintance.

Therefore, a dating app is the most win-win option. Moreover, it allows you to get acquainted with a Swedish single woman even before arriving in the country. But use the most famous services in the EU.

Be Interesting, Confident, And Careful

Men who have Swedish wives characterize local girls as modern, smart, and delightful, but due to their concentration on their careers, they hardly know how to have fun. Therefore, as a rule, they are looking for a person with whom they will be comfortable from the first minutes of the meeting. Thanks to this comfort, pretty Swedish girls will be able to relax and discard all the fears associated with the date.

To create such an atmosphere, you need to be interesting, moderately funny, and, as many local girls say, “You must be able to create some emotional, flirty and sexual tension.”

To be more specific about sexual tension, we do not recommend you to create it right at the beginning of a date. Although among the Swedish mail-order brides, there are girls who are ready from the first meeting to proceed to serious relationships. But it’s better to provide her with comfort and psychological relaxation first, then amuse her and after, look at the situation. If you are lucky, there will be a second date.

tender Swedish girl

Be Sure To Call Or Message Her After A Date

And finally. Regardless of how the first date ends and whether you expect to continue, contact Swedish mail order bride after the meeting—no need to wait for action on her part.

According to foreigners who are in a relationship with local women, Swedish girls for marriage are very concerned about how to please a man. It’s kind of good for you, but after the meeting, they can take the silence as a disappointment on your part and will “ignore” you in return. Or vice versa, in the term local psychologists, will “form an insecure attachment.”

In the second case, Swedes usually go to a specialist who will explain to the girl why she should not think about you. Or you will become the subject of her passion and find out how the Swedish mail-order brides can “drive bananas”.

Therefore, you should always discuss everything when dating Swedish women. Even if you don’t want to meet her anymore, send a concise but understandable message. It is not for nothing that the Vikings in ancient times solved all issues, not with axes, as is sometimes shown in films, but on dialogues, with long and tedious conversations.


Swedish mail order bride is a rare type of girl, she is:

  • beautiful;
  • sexy;
  • independent;
  • self-sufficient;
  • sporty;
  • well-educated and many other amazing features.

Of course, for some men, local girls are too perfect. But if you are not one of those cowards (you are reading this article and searching happiness, so probably, you are not a weak person), create a profile on a dating site. There are hundreds of thousands of users from Scandinavia on dating sites. The Internet is the best Swedish wife finder so you will surely have matches with local brides.