Romanian Brides

Romanian mail order brides are the intimate dream of foreign men. For the last decades, Romania appeared to be a place to visit for tourists and not to take pictures for Instagram near Dracula’s castle. Men are visiting Romania to admire dazzling local brides and marry one of these gorgeous. No need to overcome long distances, read further to find out how to get a lady from Romania from the comfort of your house.

Why Do Romanian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Have you ever imagined what forces women to register on a dating website and start looking for a husband abroad? In most cases, they are ruled by financial instability, unbearable social fabric, and an overwhelming struggle to get out of poverty. Romania is a prosperous European country with a growing economy and, thus, improving living conditions. This means that Romanian mail-order brides don’t consider a Western husband as a thick wallet. Romanian brides are looking for love and mutual respect in relationships, they are not interested in one-night-stand and only date those men who prove to be serious and family-oriented.

Like most Eastern European brides, Romanian ladies start getting married at the age of 21-23. They’re usually looking for an older man who’s already settled down and is willing to set up a family. Marriage with a Western man for them is the opportunity to find a soulmate, travel the world and find a reliable back up which Romanian men are often deprived of.

What Makes Romanian Mail Order Brides So Popular

Romania is a state located in the Eastern part of Europe. Have you noticed that there is always a special charm in women from Eastern Europe? They’re all inborn beauties, capable housekeepers and loving wives. Choosing a Romanian bride can make you the happiest man on Earth if only you treat her respectfully. Romanian girls for marriage are a wonderful mix of inner and outer attractiveness, passion and calm, devotion and self-sufficiency. They’re straightforward, honest, and have no tolerance to cheating. Conquer one of the Romanian mail order brides and you’ll see that this one of the best choices you could ever make.

Appearance Matters

Romanian brides possess such a mesmerizing beauty that even the most successful top model would be jealous. These charming ladies love to take care of their faces, bodies, and clothes. Beautiful Romanian women do the makeup, hairstyle, and manicure, they want to look good for their men and frankly speaking, they’re extremely good at it. In Romania, you will meet brides for all tastes, this country owns the hottest brides and attracts men to come and all this beauty in person. What else is so special about Romanian brides? Pretty Romanian girls can be recognized in a crowd for their expressive features and mysterious charm. The majority of women in Romania are tall and fit, they love wearing bright clothes that only enhances their beauty. A typical Romanian girl has soft skin, full lips, sharp bilges, and dark radiant eyes. Long silky hair and thick eyebrows beautifully frame a small face of a Romanian lady, making men dream of marrying her.

Characteristics of Romanian Mail-Order Brides

No woman can be perceived seriously only for the impeccable beauty. To hold a man, she needs to be both charming and smart. Women for marriage in Romania are exactly that type of brides who catch men with their charm and make them stay for a lifetime because they have something more to offer except a lovely face.

Romanian Mail Order Brides Are Clever

Romanian women for marriage are a bright example of understanding and discretion. They work hard to maintain the family’s welfare and get a well-paid workplace. They are not among those brides who are now nothing but to spend the husband’s money on expensive clothes. Romanian wife will become a reliable support for her partner and will encourage him for new accomplishments.

Women From Romania Are Romantic

Romanian mail order brides are romantic creatures. She loves long walks with holding hands and midnight talks. The best way to surprise a Romanian bride is to present her a bouquet of red roses as a symbol of passion or white roses that symbolize your warm affection. Flowers can please Romanian singles more than any expensive jewelry. Remember to tell her compliments and arrange a romantic unexpected date for her. She’ll appreciate that!

They’re Fun-Loving

Romanian brides are cheerful and optimistic. They have inborn skills for dancing, great sense of rhythm and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to hang out in a club or party. But if she had a choice to spend the evening out or dining with family in a small cozy kitchen, she will choose the second variant. Despite all her fun-loving nature, the family still plays a major role in her life.

Lovely Romanian Girlfriends Have a Strong Value of Family

In Romania, you will hardly meet families without children or families with only one kid. The Romanians are used to creating big friendly families and for most Romanian wives children and family are sacred. She will devote her whole self to keep the family together, safe and sound. Besides, she will gently take care of the elder members of her family, and respect their opinion.

They may be a bit possessive

The loving nature of your bride from Romania will make her fully dedicate her heart to her family. She sees no other man except her husband and the same she expects from you. She is jealous and hates sharing her man with other girls. You’d better don’t give her a motive for jealousy, otherwise, your peaceful corner will get filled with loud arguments. However, she doesn’t mind if you some time with friends in a local pub.

Where to Meet a Romanian Mail Order Bride?

One of the most reputable websites when it comes to dating brides from Eastern Europe. The majority of users are men from the USA, Canada, and Australia and girls from the Eastern part of Europa.

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Cons of VictoriaHearts

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  • You have no control over the credits they charge
  • Some registered girls are not serious

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Cons of LoveSwans

  • Premium membership is needed even for the simplest activities on the site

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Cons of MatchTruly

  • The majority of communication features are paid

With an incredible audience of 35 million people, is a website known in every corner of the world. Here you can communicate with millions of beautiful international brides.

Pros of Zoosk

  • A large audience of responsive girls from dozens of countries all around the globe
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  • The site implements the feature of users’ photo verification protecting you from scam
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Cons of Zoosk

  • operates as a paid-basis website and the membership cost is above average

How to Conquer a Romanian Beauty?

So we have approached to the most interesting part of the article. Even though you’ve already learned a lot about Romanian mail-order brides, there are some rules you need to learn about dating Romanian women.

Show Interest in Her Culture and Language

Although 98% of Romanians speak at least one foreign language, mostly English, they appreciate if an alien shows interest in their culture and tries to adopt them. Learn some words in Romanian to impress your sweetheart. No matter how great your pronunciation skills would be, in any way, you’ll deserve some extra points in her eyes. You can also ask her to teach some words in Romanian or invite her to taste for a homemade traditional dinner that you’ve prepared. Let her see how hard you try to plunge in Romanian culture, undoubtedly, this will predispose this cutie to you.

No Delicate Topics During the Early Dates

In Romania, it’s a usual thing to change opinions. People eagerly speak their mind about culture, politics, and beliefs. But are these topics appropriate during the date, especially during first meetings? We don’t think so. A Romanian mail order bride doesn’t like to discuss “delicate” topics when there are so many things to discuss throughout the date? Talk about food, her preferences, and favorite music and movies she’s recently watched. Leave religion and politics for further meetings.

Listen to Her

Being a good listener significantly increases your chances to continue your acquaintance with a Romanian mail order bride. An expert Romanian wife finder is a man who’s learned to listen to his soulmate a lot. This doesn’t only mean listening to what she says but also showing sympathy and being interested in her feelings. Ask how was her day, how she feels in certain situations, and listen to her from the beginning to the end.  She’ll be boundlessly thankful for that. Emotional connection is one of the crucial aspects of relationships with Romanian mail-order brides.

Be Open About Your Thoughts and Culture

No need to reveal everything that you hide in the subconsciousness on the first date. The Romanians are interested in other people’s life stories, feelings, and fears, but blurting them out when you first go out is not a good idea. Instead, don’t feel ashamed of sharing your thoughts and talking about your culture. Romanian mail-order brides are extremely curious about other cultures and always learn about them eagerly. Talking about your country, beliefs, customs, and cuisine is the best way to keep her involved.

Be a Good Host and Be a Respectful Guest

Romanians are a hospitable nation. Like the Armenians and the Georgians, they love to invite guests and also love to be invited. Rejecting an invitation is not polite and reject the treats is even worse. Your Romanian mail order bride must have spent hours cooking the best dishes to impress you, so think twice before you refuse from the meal she offers. In addition, show your hospitability, invite her to your apartments, be suave and attentive. For the Romanian people, nothing can be as eloquent as a way a person entertains guests.

Mind Your Look

Appearing on a date in jeans, T-shirts, and messy hair is a bad tone and a direct way to failure. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a fancy outfit to impress your Romanian mail order bride. What we sincerely recommend is to dress better than for a usual daily walk to a local supermarket. For a Romanian single woman, your tidiness represents an ability to organize your space and thoughts. Besides, she tries her best to look good for her date and walking with a man who didn’t even take care of his hairstyle is an unpleasant experience.

To Sum Up

Do you still think that to live with a smart, educated, loyal, and gorgeous woman, a man should get married four times? Come on! Stunning Romanian women for marriage have ruined this stereotype. They’re pretty in any sense. These hot brides are the real treasure for serious men who are intended on long-term relationships, marriage, and kids. She becomes a loving wife, reliable support, and a best friend for her husband. Brides from Romania eagerly marry Western grooms and so your chances to meet your love are very high.