Latvian Brides

Latvia is the destination for all men who dream of marrying a dazzling and educated bride. Foreigners are booking tickets to Riga in advance to get acquainted with Europe’s hottest brides. However, going long distances is not a necessity anymore, read this article to find out how to date a Latvian bride and what are the best places to approach her.

Latvian Brides

Latvian Mail Order Brides Dating Culture

Latvia is a motherland of the most beautiful women and the most loyal wives. This is a civilized flourishing country that fastly recovered from the Soviet past and is one of the most prospective EU members. Even though Latvia has adopted some aspects of Western culture, Latvian women still don’t mind being dominated by men which makes Latvia a patriarchal society.

Latvian mail-order brides are reticent to strangers and wouldn’t have sex with a guy on the first date. They prefer going out together, spend some time together and establish an emotional connection before spending the night with a date. Hence, dating culture in Latvia is very-well developed. Man conquers a lady with cute gifts and romantic dates, he is responsible for every step of the date and has to follow the girl to the doorsteps or pay for the taxi ride. Undoubtedly, pretty Latvian girls are worth the effort. Once she becomes your bride, you will find a supportive partner and a caring woman who’ll be waiting for you with a hot fresh dinner.

The reason why Latvian girls become mail order brides and look for love online is the lack of the male population. In Latvia, here are 12% more women than men which forces some dazzling brides to look for love abroad. They absolutely don’t mind long-distance relationships, actually.

Do Pretty Latvian Mail Order Brides Depend on Their Husbands?

Who told you that? Yes, they love when men conquer their hearts, but these ladies will never choose a path of becoming a housewife and ask husbands money for everything they need. Latvian wives are like the lottery win. They realize the importance of the financial welfare of a family and wouldn’t let their families stuck in poverty. Latvian ladies obtain a degree and then start earning money. However, don’t expect her to work equally with you and take care of all house duties, in Latvia, a husband is ought to help his wife to run the house.

These are individualistic women who first of all make sure they live in harmony with themselves. She is an independent individual that will not wait for your opinion to validate her.

What Features Make Men Crave For Latvian Mail-Order Brides

Appearance matters a lot, even though some modern tendencies are struggling to prove the opposite. Nevertheless, are you ready to spend your life with a beautiful doll who doesn’t even know to cook an omelet? A Latvian wife is nothing like that. She is surely gorgeous, and furthermore, has a character that evokes in a man a desperate desire to connect his life with a Latvian single woman.

Latvian Singles Are Straightforward

Sincerity and honesty are the synonyms of a Latvian sweetheart. She is used to telling the truth and hates lies even if it’s white lies. Sometimes her words may sound harsh to you, but that’s the way she is. Don’t take an offense and listen to what she is trying to tell you.

Sexy Latvian Brides Love Stability

Stable and comfort are what she’s reaching for. This is a reason why Latvian mail-order brides choose older and wiser men to start a family. To marry a woman from Latvia, you need to prove that you can become reliable support to her. Latvian lady is a bride to win. She will always choose a comfortable life instead of an adventurous.

A Latvian Mail Order Bride Is Discreet

Some may say, Latvian brides are cold and even hostile to strangers, but this is only the cold shallow. Friends and families know the other side of these women. They are open-hearted and kind. The thing is, they know when to show it, only the closest can see how vulnerable they really are.

Undeniable Elegance

These ladies are feminine and elegant. Their elegance manifests itself in behavior, clothes, and manner of speech. Latvian women will eat correctly on the dinner table, behave in society according to rules of etiquette and dress like a member of a royal family. Their elegance and grace are the results of nature and nurture which makes them incredibly attractive.

What About Housekeeping?

It goes beyond saying that any man would like to marry a lady who knows to turn the apartment into a cozy family nest. Are Latvian girls for marriage good at housekeeping?

Well, let’s say, they’re not exquisite cookers. In Latvia, women are not used to spending hours in a kitchen room trying to cook a Peking Roast Duck. They simply see no point in spending their time on the dishes that can be ordered. Instead, these brides will gladly spend these precious moments with their men and children. By the way, Latvian women become impeccable moms. They certainly know a secret about bringing kids up. Raised by a Latvian mom, a child is given all the features essential for living in the modern world.

One more great advantage of marrying a lady from Latvia is that after a hard day you will always return to a warm house. She will make a house look stylish and comfortable by adding appropriate furniture and decor. The only thing you should keep in mind is that she needs your help in the house duties.

How Do Latvian Women For Marriage Look Like?

Ask men who visited Latvia what impressed them the most and they will all immediately answer “brides”. Latvian brides are the art creature. Their faces, body shapes, style, and unique taste in clothing and makeup distinguish them among other girls. If you look through pictures of Latvian girlfriends you’ll notice that their beauty reminds a Scandinavian type. However, this is not quite true. A Latvian lady is the mix of all the best features of Scandinavian and Slavic women. Latvian girls have silky blonde hair, pale soft skin, hypnotic green, blue or gray eyes, and high cheekbones. They’re also lucky owners of slim flexible bodies unfamiliar with obesity. Every Latvian bride is fond of healthy food and practicing sports especially they love to attend gyms and workout with a personal coach.

Latvian beauties follow the world of fashion. They’re good at creating stylish outfits and adopting trends.  Latvian ladies dress appropriately to the occasion. Their looks are usually reticent and sexy with all the clothes tastefully combined in the way to enhance their beauty.

Latvian Brides

Best Places to Meet a Woman from Latvia

As you have understood from the previous paragraphs, women from Latvia are hard to approach on the streets or public places. Moreover, they try to avoid eye contact with strangers and draw men’s attention. This is the feature that they have in common with Danish brides. Thus, the best way to get acquainted with a Latvian mail order bride is to create an account on a dating website. We have prepared for you a list of best legit websites that will pair you with a Latvian mail order bride of your dream.

Pros of DreamSingles

  • The website can be joined on a free basis
  • A man can browse through profiles of gorgeous brides from any of Eastern European countries including Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia.
  • The website is serious about your safety, thus, all the girls must confirm their identity by adding photos of ID
  • To use DreamSingles, you have to provide your credit card data and so the website secures all your data and payments, making it impossible to intercept.

Cons of DreamSingles

  • Pictures of the girls seem to get through a rigorous photoshopping, making men dubious about the real look of brides
  • Some girls have very poor English skills so a need for an interpreter arouses
  • You must upgrade your account to use all the site’s privileges

Pros of CharmCupid

  • CharmCupid has numerous positive from real users who got married to a lovely lady through the website.
  • You can sign up via Facebook which greatly saves your time
  • CharmCupid’s search feature available for every member even for those who use the site on a free basis
  • You can sort out beautiful Latvian ladies with the help of advanced search tools
  • A mob application is designed with the same pleasant blue color as the desktop version

Cons of CharmCupid

  • You’re not warned when the credits expire, they need to notify the users via Email or messengers
  • Ladies registered are not intended for real meetings.

Before we enlighten you on the pros and cons of using Mamba, let us tell a few things about the site itself. Don’t wonder if the name sounds unfamiliar to you. At the beginning of its journey as a dating service, Mamba was only available in Russia, however, now it boasts of having extended to 40 countries of Europe and Asia. This is a Tinder-like service that is extremely popular in Baltics.

Pros of Mamba

  • Mamba covers a large audience in forty countries in the world
  • Compared to other dating websites, this is an absolutely free service
  • Here you can meet thousands of charming Latvian brides from the age of 20 to 35

Cons of Mamba

  • As far as this is a free service, anyone can join the site without verification
  • Very few users are looking for serious commitments which makes the site perfect for those who are looking for Latvian women for communication and friendship

Pros of RoseBrides

  • During the registration, you get a personal profile which you can make unique and attractive for brides
  • A wide selection of dazzling brides from not only from Europe but from Latin America and Asia
  • A responsive customer service hired to help in solving all the issues regarding the work of the site.

Cons of RoseBrides

  • You’re very likely to meet lots of spammers on RoseBrides, just keep reporting them and the site deletes their accounts
  • Some users have outdated photos

Do’s and Don’ts for Dating a Latvian single woman

Let Her Speak About Latvia

Latvian mail order brides are very patriotic. They are perfectly educated in Latvian history and language. The next time, your Latvian mail order bride starts talking about her Motherland and its architecture, don’t interrupt her, just enjoy looking at her sparkling eyes.

Be Punctual

Waiting for a man is not common for Latvian ladies. If you get late for a date, let her know and give a reasonable explanation for the delay. These females are always in time for everything, they have nice time-managing capabilities, value their own time and time of the others. Punctuality for them is not a habit, it’s a must.

Be Initiative and Show That You Care About Her

Yet Latvia is a European country, Latvian mail-order brides still don’t mind the patriarchy. Hence, she’s looking for you to take the first steps. Shower her with compliments, even the smallest gift like a teddy bear will be appropriate to melt ice in her heart. Ask how she got home after the date and send a goodnight message before sleep, Latvian women adore little signs of affection.

You Need to Be Patient Dating Latvian Mail-Order Brides

This is because they treat all strangers with prejudice, ice in their hearts is very hard to melt. You need to get armed with your patience before a Latvian bride starts trusting you and show how gentle and fragile she really is. Besides, one more factor makes Latvian women be so cold to foreigners. The thing is, Riga, the capital of Latvia has been known as Eastern Europe’s capital of sex tourism. Since that time, all serious men need to prove that want long-lasting relationships with Latvian single women.

Pay Attention to Your Look

No need to emphasize the importance of being well-groomed and neatly dressed in everyday life. Latvian mail order brides pay attention to how a man looks. They love athletic guys who take care of their appearance and clothes. A good-looking man who radiates determination and confidence has all the chances to marry a Latvian mail order bride.