The Secrets Of Italian Mail Order Brides Personality

Ask any foreigner living in Italy, and he will tell you that he has an Italian wife or girlfriend. This country is one big sweet trap for foreign men who come from all over the world to one of the most beautiful women on Earth. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Italy, but the most important of them is, of course, beautiful Italian women. And there are even more reasons to fall in love with this country. We will provide you some of the most important.

Italian sexy girl

Passionate And Funny At The Same Time

All women are quite emotional, but Italians live on the brink of human sensation, and on the most emotional brink. They can sob while listening to Celine Dion or suddenly hug you without reason – without a doubt; you will not get bored with them.

Perhaps pretty Italian girls are used to constantly rejecting the unwanted attention of Italian men, but most local ladies have a witty and disarming sense of humor. They differ from their male counterparts in an interesting way – they are more easily and often laugh at themselves. However, they are always ready to laugh at you, so if you do not like ridicule, it is better to be careful. Any man will tell you that there is nothing more sexual than female humor, and the Italian mail order brides have mastered these skills to perfection.

Italian Brides Are Family Oriented

Italians value a family more than anything. For boys, mom will always be the ruling force. Girls will always consider their dads kings. At the same time, if an Italian bride considers you a future husband, know that she will probably compare you with her father. In this special father-daughter relationship lies its dangers. Local daughter always knows how to break father’s will – puppy eyes, dripping tears, and all that. And here is he, already in her power. Pretty Italian girls learn these manipulation skills at an early age, hone in adolescence, and perfect them in adulthood. Italians are always respectful of older gentlemen, even the most lascivious because respect for elders is their innate trait.

Every Italian mail order bride is a real mom. Not in the sense that they all have children, but in the sense that they all have a maternal instinct. Whether they look after children who have long grown up, pets, or newborn babies – they do this naturally and generously. If, in some countries, women “over 20” see a symbol of the apocalypse in their children. Then, for Apennine ladies, it is different; they treat even other children almost the same as their own and will groan, smile, and play with an unfamiliar child in the street. They are not afraid of children of any age and endure motherhood in the most natural way. They take it as not a change in life but another important step.

They Love Their Culture

Local men are also famous for this, but Italian mail order brides are more attracted to the humanities, and they know a lot about art, opera, food, and architecture … Can’t remember the name of the song “something like na-na-na-na”? Your Italian wife or girlfriend will help you with this. Want to know what wine comes with a certain dish? Apennine girls have an answer. They are a real storehouse of knowledge about all Italian things, so if you love Italy and plan to visit the country or live there, the Italian mail order brides will be your best guide.

Italian Ladies Are Stylish?

Everyone knows the phrase: “I want to be stylish like Italians!” Italian mail-order brides are fashionable, well-groomed, and incomparable in their style. However, in reality, not all Italian ladies can correspond to such a description. If the residents of Milan, the capital of world fashion, try to always be on top, then with other cities in Italy, everything is much simpler. Residents of Rome do not follow all the latest fashion trends but prefer to wear maximally comfortable shoes and cloth. So Italian mail-order brides can be both – stylish and simple, at the same time. Depending on a region, or even a city.

beautiful italian girl

They Love Chivalry

You will not see embarrassed rejection if you give way to women from Italy. They will accept it and thank you. Local girls not only love when a man opens the door for them but also expect it. In other (especially northern) countries, men sometimes think whether they will offend women with a manifestation of gentlemenhood, but in Italy, everything works differently. With an Italian bride, you can let your chivalrous imagination take a flight: move a chair for her in a restaurant, go around a car to open a door, etc. So you feel like real men and not just a man who calls himself a gentleman because he wears a watch in his pocket or has a cane.

Italian Mail Order Brides Are Fit And Beautiful

Most Italians are slim. And often, foreigners are attributing the low obesity level of Italians to genetics. And while good heredity and a favorable climate play an important role, however, the inhabitants of Italy have several of their secrets. Italian women prefer natural and healthy products:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • legumes;
  • fish;
  • lean meat.

Also, local ladies are trying not to abuse pasta and pizza.

Many young women in Italy are not at all worried about their appearance. However, starting from 25-30 years, Italian mail order brides regularly visit hairdressing salons, apply makeup, and do other cosmetic procedures. And the older Italians get, the more attentively they care about their appearance.

An Interest In Foreigners

And last but not least, Italians girls for marriage often choose foreigners. Normally, they want someone who is not of their culture. So while the rest of the world looks at Italy as a bastion of fashion, history, and art, young Italian mail order brides often look at the rest of the world as a piece of exotic and alluring cake. The good news is that if you are a foreigner, then you have an advantage over men from Italy. The bad news is that dealing with local girls is not so easy. It can take some time to comprehend this truth.

Apennine Women And Dating Sites

When ladies from poor and undeveloped countries create a profile on dating sites or dating app, it is not surprising. They are usually looking not only for love and happiness but for self-sufficient foreigners. The motivation is simple and understandable. In most cases, a potential husband form a western, developed country (it can be any region, but the vast majority of male users of dating sites are from North America or Europe) can provide financial security and better opportunities for future kids. But Italy is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. Why tens of thousands of Italian mail order brides looking for husbands online?

As always, there is no one and simple answer. It has a complex of reasons, which we will consider below.

Huge Choice

Most people find it difficult to find a person who perfectly matches the image of an ideal husband or wife. Especially if the seeker is living in a small town or village. On the internet, on the other hand, there are millions of dating sites users. That is why a typical Italian single woman uses dating sites to find love.

Exotic Look And Personality

Italy is located on the Apennine Peninsula and is separated from mainland Europe by the Alps in the North, Adriatic Sea in the East, and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west. And because of those natural barriers, Italian men have very similar facial features. And not every woman is fond of such a lack of choice. So it is natural for Italian singles to search for slightly different and exotic-looking partners.

Smaller Number Of Men In Italy

In Italy, the same as in many other countries, the male population is smaller than females. So thousands of women for marriage should use internet resources to find a boyfriend or husband.

pretty italian woman


Men who want to find a family-oriented lady with a nice sense of humor and passionate personality will find Italian mail order brides as a perfect choice. Dating Italian women is a great pleasure. Because, same as you, they want to find a loving and caring partner with whom one can spend the rest of the life. Plus, Italian wives know how to make husband happy.

If you want to give a try on meeting local ladies, use dating sites or apps. There are thousands of amazing girls. And in general, the internet is the best Italian wife finder.