Honestly About German Mail Order Brides

Often on the forums, there is an opinion that all girls from Germany are rude feminists. Many mention a German mail-order brides’ concentration on a career and not family comfort and parenting kids at all. Put labels on people is the last thing. Each person is an individual. Thus in Germany, as well as throughout the world, one can meet talkers, giggles, and serious, ambitious personalities. So it all depends on your preferences, what kinds of women for marriage you prefer.

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Girls From Germany Are Restrain And Pedantical

As for the character of typical German singles, they are characterized by extraordinary restraint. In Germany, it is very difficult to meet a woman who will show emotions in public. There is a special attitude to personal freedom and space in this country. So you should not disrespect anyone’s privacy and ask about too intimate things. There are many other societies with similar rules and beliefs. But even foreigners state that German mail order brides are very restraint.

Frugality is another key feature of the majority of German mail order brides. From childhood, kids learn how to make savings and count money. Perhaps this is due to high taxes in the country, but there is also a natural tendency to frugality, which the Germans are famous for. The German wife here plans the family budget and not allowing herself extra expenses. It is especially contrasting with many other European countries.

German mail-order brides like to plan everything to the smallest detail – from a visit to the dentist to gatherings with friends. And if they don’t want to go to the event, beautiful German women’s answer will be direct – “sorry, today I am too lazy to go”. Planning also applies to budget. Every German mail order bride plans her budget, and when asked how much she spent this month on food or clothes, she can usually name the exact amount right away. Or, she will check the numbers in her notebook, phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

German Mail-Order Brides Like Simplicity

The Germans are straightforward; they will never be cunning. If a woman does not like something, she will express her opinion in person, without a hesitation. Many experienced men name this trait as the best and most important feature German wives have.

It’s not customary to fill the refrigerator with food, to then throw out half of that food. Germans buy only the necessary and in the most necessary quantity. At the same time, selected products are natural and of high-quality.

German mail order brides value the convenience of attire and shoes. Typical local girls ignore such things as the brand, fashion, popularity in media, status, designer. Most women dress simple; the main requirements are comfort and convenience. But there is one interesting tendency in this unique society: the sense of style grows over the age and savings in the bank account. So ladies in their 40 or 50 years, usually wear exquisite and expensive outfits.

German Brides Value Independence

As regards attitudes toward the family, a German bride is the exact opposite of typical Asian woman or East-European woman. Most of the local girls get married after thirty years old, and they plan to have children when they stand firmly on their feet. “Independence” from stereotypes about marriage and family makes German mail order brides, free to voice themselves. Ladies always express their opinions without sacrificing personal interests in the name of the family. Often, knowing the joy of motherhood, wives tend to get a part-time job as soon as possible. They are great at combining motherhood, hobbies, travel, and work.

This is instilled in them by parents from childhood and goes through their whole lives. They value their lives and their capabilities, set goals, and achieve them themselves. It doesn’t matter who the girl is studying for and how rich her parents are—sitting on their necks until the end of their studies or until marriage is a bad idea. Pretty German girls work part-time, make their way, live in “WG” (Wohngemeinschaft), or dormitories. Do everything to be independent.

Where To Find A Bride From Germany?

If restrain, independent, and straightforward German single woman is what you always dreamed about. If you made up a decision on a particular nation, let us move to the next stage. Meeting a girl from this beautiful country. And there are very different ways to start a romantic relationship:

  • dating sites;
  • in Germany;
  • marriage agencies.

There are many other ways to find a German wife. But those other options are more specialized. Only some certain groups of people use those ways:

  • students;
  • volunteers;
  • businessmen, etc.

While we want to reach the widest possible audience of seekers of love and family happiness.

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Dating Sites And Apps

German mail-order brides like to meet men online. Often such acquaintances are continued by long correspondence. And visits to the countries of both persons. German mail order brides are single women aged 35+ who cannot find a partner in Germany. By the way, according to research by the University of Hamburg, two-thirds of women over 30 do not have a permanent partner. And this is a great chance to find an attractive German mail order bride of such a great age.

The Internet provides great opportunities. Not only in terms of information retrieval but also for communication. Do not miss the chance to make any acquaintances online. Maybe the next person in the chat will become your girlfriend, bride, and wife.

Or maybe you will find love with dating apps? Many of them work on the principle of similarity of interests. Program asks you to answer various questions about yourself and your desired partner. Those questions must reveal such information as:

  • age;
  • status;
  • height;
  • weight;
  • profession;
  • education;
  • hobby;
  • thoughts about family, children, and so on.

The answers will give the idea of your tastes and preferences. And then, as in a fantasy film, the program will select from the database and offer candidates that best fit your profile.

Meeting Mail-Order Brides In Germany

For those who don’t feel comfortable dating on the internet, we’ll tell you where else to find German women for marriage. The most obvious place – Germany. Of course, it is very logical, but at the same time, this option has a few great disadvantages:

  • it is extremely expensive;
  • time-consuming;
  • very unreliable.

So, if you have an opportunity to combine a “stay in Germany” with dating sites and apps, do it. Many foreigners may ask why it is unreliable? And the answer simple – the vast majority of Germans, don’t have a habit and don’t know how to start a conversation on the street, in the metro or on the tram, same as in other public transport or place—meeting in bars, parties, or nightclubs mostly considered as a one-night adventure, rather a first step of a serious relationship.

Then, do German mail order brides meet soul mates outside of dating sites? And if “Yes”, then, “Where”? The answer – at school, at university, at friends’ home parties, at the workplace. Friends, classmates, colleagues introduced male and female friends to each other, and this is how the relationship worked out.

In case you are coming to this amazing country to meet German girls for marriage, you should not count on the stroke of luck. There is either the option of studying and working or looking for a “bringing together” situation, such as a football match or a sporting event, a concert – when everyone is united by a wave of positive mood and people are liberated a little so that the distance between your German mail order bride and the outside world is somewhat reduced.

Or, try to find situations where the distance between you and the German mail order bride will be reduced due to external circumstances – for example, during a flight. Why not start an unobtrusive small talk with a beautiful neighboring lady in such a situation? Such a chance should be used.

Marriage Agencies

Surprisingly, marriage agencies are not very popular in Germany. This way of finding a spouse was booming from the early 90s to the mid-00s. But in few years outmatched by dating sites. Now, the market of marriage agencies is pretty small and concentrated in connecting local males and East Asian brides, organizing wedding ceremonies, and providing services. Surely they can help you find a great German mail order bride, but it will cost you a considerable amount of money.

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German mail order brides are one of the most attractive and desired women in Europe. They are not only beautiful and fit but honest and straightforward. Especially the last two features are so rare in the modern days, and local girls possess both of them. Exist different ways to meet stunning ladies from this land, but the best German wife finder is the internet, with its dating sites.