Estonian Brides

I bet you have heard about or even met those lucky people who found their significant others on the Internet at least once in your life and it is not the news for you. Modern people are used to the idea of getting their needs fulfilled somewhere on the world wide web. It is human nature to love and to want to be loved. That is why online dating website has recently developed into the widely popular niche on the Internet. The number of new users of such matrimonial services seems to be endless, new and new people of different mindset, origin, social backgrounds overcrowd matrimonial service in search of true love.

Some of the users just register on some of them and leave everything to fate, but the majority of the newcomers are determined to find a woman who possesses particular characteristics of their interest. Estonian mail order brides’ admirers belong to that very group. They have heard a lot about the virtues of an Estonian mail order bride and want to marry exclusively one of them. If you are one of them, read this review to get acquainted with what Estonian ladies like and don’t like as well as to learn where to find them.

Estonian Brides

Appearance of Estonian Mail Order Brides

Estonian women are known for their lovely appearance. Not only are they the possessors of unique natural beauty, but they also know how to apply to highlight it. At first sight this kind of beauty may seem cold and inaccessible. However, the warm and loving heart that stays behind this classic Baltic beauty proves the dissonance between looks and the character traits.

Big Eyes

The eyes are what attract attention the most when you are talking to the pretty Estonian girl who is attractive to you.  Those big light eyes of Estonian mail order bride can stir an ocean of emotions in every man’s heart. This gentle and caring sight is what makes Estonian mail order brides one of the most desirable women in Europe.

Long Light Hair

Long well-groomed hair is a pride of every woman. Beautiful Estonian women dedicate a lot of time and effort to taking care of their fair hairdo. This makes them look incredibly feminine and bring about a wish to take care of them.

Slim Figures

Estonian women tend to lead an active lifestyle this is why you will never see an Estonian mail order bride who sits idly at home and is not interested in the outer world. What is more, Estonian mail-order brides are keen on doing sports. They like morning jogging an evening yoga, relaxing stretching and active aerobics. Estonian mail order bride sticks to the balanced diet and makes everything to maintain their bodies healthy and make them look fit and attractive.

Elegant Looks

Estonian wives know how to be classy even in sneakers. Their looks are detailed and well-organized, what is more, their clothes are always neat and smell like French perfume. However, Estonian women are not shopaholics, they don’t spend tons of money on something they will only wear once. They know how to combine the basic clothes in such a way, that every man would love to have such a woman by his side.

Characteristics of Estonian Mail Order Brides


Every man who meets Estonian mail order bride notices that charming atmosphere which envelops you as soon as she walks in. You don’t even have a chance to remain indifferent in the company of Estonian single mail order bride. They know how to make a good company, always have something interesting to share and care about the person they are communicating with. If you want to impress an Estonian lady treat her the same way. Respect and love are what appears to be the key to the Estonian beauty’s heart.


Estonian women successfully combine a career with their personal life, however, in order to maintain this balance they have to be very active during the day. They are the women who try to take care of all aspects of their lives and never live it up to fait when it comes to serious life decisions as romantic relationships or building a family. Estonian girls are very curious and have numerous hobbies, thus you will never get bored with one of them.

A Real Friend

In the marriage, Estonian wife is not only a passionate lover but also a supportive love partner. They become your friend from the very beginning and never fail to uphold this title. It makes them the person you turn to in an hour of grief and a minute of happiness. You will always be listened to and given a piece of advice. Nourish Estonian mail order bride with your unconditional love and she will make you the happiest man in the world.

A Loving Spouse

Love is what each Estonian girl dreams of right from her childhood. They dream of a prince charming that will win her heart and turn her into his happy wife and mother of his kids. Up to their adulthood Estonian singles accumulate so much love in their hearts that every man would be happy to receive it.  The men feel it and can’t get their eyes off these women. Maybe this is the secret that lies behind the phenomenon of an Estonian mail order bride.

Respect Personal Space

Estonian mail-order brides don’t have a habit of interfering with their spouse’s personal sphere. They respect and trust their significant others and would like to be treated the same way. This is why it is so important to find a balance between your life and adoration to a beloved woman and excessive invasion into her personal stuff.

Estonian Brides

Best Dating Sites to Meet Estonian Mail Order Brides

Estonian Brides is a convenient and efficient matrimonial service that aims to connect two lonely hearts that are looking for each other but have never made it meet each other in real life. The website provides communication matrimonial services that help people to get to know each other and stay in touch for a long term relationship.

The signup on the website is quick and self-explanatory, as well as the updating of your account. Make sure to give all the necessary information to attract the attention of beautiful Estonian ladies and appear on their search. This will also make your chances to find your perfect match way higher. The search on Estonian Brides is designed specifically for the matchmaking purposes, that’s why you are welcome to specify all your preferences in terms of your potential Estonian partner’s age, country of residence, physical characteristics, etc. The majority of Estonian girls on the website have bright and well-detailed profiles that prove that they have serious intentions about communication on the matrimonial service.

As far as matrimonial service fees are concerned, they are rather average for such a website. The huge advantage of this matrimonial service seems to be the absence of annoying ads and animated elements and clear and pleasant design.

Dream Singles legit dating website gives you an opportunity to find your love not going out of your apartment. It is a specially designed site that facilitates communication of beautiful European, including Estonian, women with men from all over the world. If you are a goal-oriented Estonian wife finder you are likely to succeed on Dream Singles. You will never get rejected or misunderstood on the website, since it is a community of like-minded people who are looking for serious relationships and marriage and are serious about their communication on the matrimonial service. Feel free to open up about your romantic preferences and you will definitely find somebody of Estonian or another origin who shares them, promise numerous reviews of the website.

It only charges fees for its direct matrimonial services of communication. In order to use communication tools available on the website, you will have to purchase some credits. Fortunately for you the billing system is user-friendly and is constructed in such a way that you don’t need to pay high monthly fees, spending specially created credits only on those tools you use.

Find Hot Single is the website that specializes in connecting beautiful European including Estonian girls for marriage with the admirers of their beauty from any corner of the world. According to numerous positive reviews, the website knows how to lay a strong ground for healthy relationships, proving it with the numerous successful marriages of their users. However, you will never know how good the website is until you try yourself.

The signup on Find Hot Single won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. What is more, it is a completely free option, as well as updating your account and looking through the database. Every newcomer is given a generous offer that costs only $1.99 but allows you to initiate a conversation with 5 singles, has 20 minutes of video messaging and access to private photos.

In order to get access to other communication mechanisms you will have to purchase some credits.

What is more, the registration, updating your account and searching for your perfect match on Find Hot Single is free which gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the website before making any monetary transactions.

Tips for Dating Estonian Mail Order Brides

Pay for Her

Nobody likes cheapskates and so do Estonian ladies. Be generous when it comes to a date with beautiful Estonian women for marriage. That means that the miserable amount of money compared to the happiness and light in the eyes of the dearest person. Go to the nice restaurant with a romantic terrace, buy a bottle of fine wine and try to make your meeting on the best day of your Estonian princess’s life. You don’t have to buy brilliants for the first date, a bunch of flowers will be sufficient to make your lady smile. Then you may get further to more expensive presents, but wait until you are close enough not to put her in an uncomfortable situation.

Be Yourself

Don’t impersonate any other person or a film character with an Estonian mail order bride. She will feel some kind of sham and will not be willing to open up and trust you completely. Be yourself! We are all the best personalities we can be with our unique traits and characteristics that attract the other sex. That is why don’t be afraid not to meet your Estonian date’s expectation, since as long as you are showing interest in her personality and readiness for communication, you will be successful in relationships with an Estonian girlfriend.

Don’t Be Too Persistent

Estonian women are fond of strong and confident men, however, they feel uncomfortable when their date becomes too pushy and persistent. While communicating with an Estonian mail order bride try your best to open up yourself and make her feel safe with you. This will make her ready to make some further steps in the relationships or at least give you some distinctive signs of what she is up to. Be gentle and caring, become her real fried and just after this get to the intimate aspects of relationships.

Nice Sense of Humour Is a Plus

A good sense of humor seems to be a direct sign of a high level of intellect and lively imagination. Man who is able to make her woman laugh is also capable of making her life happy and careless. Don’t feel uncomfortable about joking with your Estonian date, but try to avoid some sensitive topics until you are acquainted with her tastes in humor and tabooed aspects.


Don’t hesitate to approach an Estonian bride, because if you win her heart you will open a whole new world. With the development of social technologies, there is no problem in reaching any person in the world, so pick up your laptop and start your journey to your new life.

Whether you meet an Estonian bride with the help of one of the matrimonial services listed above or in real life situation to use some of the insights learned in this review and you will get extremely close to your mutual goal – to find a perfect life partner. Dating Estonian woman can become a life-changing experience, no matter whether you will eventually get married or go different paths.