Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Bulgaria is an incredible country, famous for its roses and of course beautiful girls. Many singles became Bulgarian mail-order brides to marry the love of their life. Bulgarian brides differ from other Slavic girls but are still gorgeous and attractive to men from all over the world. The extraordinary beauty of Bulgarian mail order bride captures the breath of men and makes this woman desirable for creating a serious relationship and a strong family.

We are sure that you cannot but agree with the fact that Bulgarian girls are very attractive. Bulgarian mail-order brides have such beautiful hair, delicate skin, which is always tanned and dark eyes that resemble Latin American girls. But the fact that they are from Eastern Europe attracts even more attention to them. Pretty Bulgarian girls are also very fascinating personalities and ideal for creating warm family relationships.

What are the Advantages of Bulgarian Brides?

There are a few things you should know if you want to meet Bulgarian girls for marriage. These are just two things:

  • Bulgarian women are usually tall.
  • They are fit but curvy.

Do not forget that, like every girl, they look after their appearance and figure. Bulgarian girls make a lot of different stuff to be beautiful.

If you want to wake up every morning with a charming-looking wife, and your friends envied you, then you need to get acquainted with Bulgarian mail order brides. The ladies here are very attractive and tender, and you would be very happy dating Bulgarian women.

Bulgarian Brides Appearance

Above in the article, we have already talked about the appearance of Bulgarian mail-order brides. Yes, these girlfriends are very similar to women from Latin America, with the same beautiful hair, tanned delicate skin, and dark eyes. The sun gives their skin and hair special sexuality. This is not a secret, local singles have a very unusual appearance.

The Femininity of Bulgarian Girls

The most attractive thing about girls is her self-giving. Dresses, skirts, sundresses, and heels undoubtedly emphasize the femininity of Bulgarian mail order brides. You will be delighted with their manner of speaking. Communicating with her, you will feel the full power of her natural femininity, and who else but the Bulgarian wives know about it.

Long-distance Relationships with Beautiful Bulgarian Women
The single woman who becomes Bulgarian mail order bride is aware of the complexities of relationships at a distance. You will have to knock down many obstacles, but Bulgarian bride will do it to meet her love.

Bulgarian Singles are Family-Oriented

The most important thing for a Bulgarian girl is the family. You will be able to verify it from the first days of communication with one of the Bulgarian mail-order brides. These girls know exactly what they want in a relationship and are always determined to last it a long time.

Bulgarian Women – Caring Mothers

You want a strong family, all the best for your children and yourself. You can find all this if you meet one of the Bulgarian women for marriage. Your children will always be surrounded by love, care, tenderness, and a wonderful upbringing.

 Heart-opened Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian girls will never lie to you about their feelings or hide if they do not like something. These girls are very honest and will not waste time on a Bulgarian wife finder if he does not appreciate it.

How to Choose a Matrimonial Service with Bulgarian Brides?

If you are ready to connect your life with your Bulgarian wife, then professional matrimonial services will help you. It is important to analyze before registering a profile and pay attention to the aspects below.

  • Reliability. Matrimonial service with Bulgarian mail-order brides must be legit and licensed. Also, find out what programs are used to counter fraudsters and what obligations the company has;
  • Convenience. It is important to remember that a quality website will always have a nice design on the official page and a good layout. This will help you quickly go through the procedure for account signup and deal with the functionality of the matrimonial service;
  • Reputation. Learn more about the history of the company or site that propose Bulgarian mail order brides, read reviews of real users. If the number of negative opinions is more than 20%, it is better to look for women for marriage other sites;
  • Search. Find out how company search works. It is important to pay attention to the number of filters. It is good if you can specify not only the age or type of physique of the Bulgarian mail order bride but also additional characteristics (character traits, interests, values, etc.);
  • Communication. The leaders of the segment make communication with Bulgarian mail order brides online as comfortable as possible. Find out what methods the company offers. It can be online chat, e-mail, video calling, and others.
  • Mobility. Having a mobile app for iOS and Android devices is an added benefit. Because it will allow you to be online 24/7 and communicate with one of the Bulgarian mail-order brides wherever there is an Internet connection;
  • Additional features. Some matrimonial services offer advanced features, in addition to online chat, e-mail, video calls: sending flowers and gifts, as well as the help of a professional translator. You should learn about all the features of the company.

Do not worry if you think that Bulgarian girls do not register on such dating sites. It is not true. A lot of single girls want to date and get married. For that, they use different online platforms, applications, and sites for marriage.

Your First Date with a Bulgarian Girl

Don`t think that dating with Bulgarian mail order bride is difficult enough. You know they cover you with love and care every single minute of your life. Bulgarian women are not afraid of showing their affection. If you want to have a loving, smart, and interesting date, do it with Bulgarian girls.

  • You also should not worry about your awkward silences during a date with one of the Bulgarian mail order brides. These women are not only beautiful but very smart and always ready to keep up the conversation.
  • Choose a beautiful place with quiet but pleasant music for your date. If you want to impress Bulgarian girlfriend, you certainly should not wear jeans with a hoodie. Use a smart casual style for your first meeting. It is comfortable, practical, and beautiful.
  • Be the gentleman and rise to the occasion by taking her on a real suitable date, which will allow her to see you in the best light and also appreciate your initiative.
  • Some European brides prefer to pay half the bill. But this does not apply to all girls. When you are on a date with a Bulgarian woman for the first time, you should take the initiative in paying the bill, since you have not been in a long relationship and have not yet been married to pay equally.
  • You should throw out all the conventional dating rules when dating Bulgarian mail order bride. These girls like it when their men are straightforward and confident. But this does not mean at all that you should behave rudely or as with your old friends.
  • After a date, go for a walk with a Bulgarian girl. You can look into a pub, park or a concert by your favorite music group. No need to call her home right after the first date. This can offend the girl and put you in the most unpleasant light.

If you organize your first date well with Bulgarian mail order bride,  you will surely be one of the happiest men. Bulgarian girls are very responsive, friendly, and will always be loyal to you.

List of Matrimonial Services with Bulgarian Brides

As mentioned in the article above, do not think that girls from this country are not popular, and do not sit on dating sites, do not use special applications. On the contrary, a lot of girls from Bulgaria become Bulgarian mail-order brides and want to find their fate and husband on such sites. But it’s important to remember how to distinguish the right site from scammers.

We have made a list of the top 10 and trusted sites and applications where you can find your Bulgarian wife.


An international site operating in many countries of the world, including  Bulgaria. Most girls are family-oriented, so it’s easy to find a beautiful and charming bride here. Moreover, modern search programs will make this path as comfortable as possible. The disadvantage is the lack of a mobile application. This service has a high rating.


One of the most famous dating apps. Today, there are about 400 million free people registered who want to build a serious relationship or start a family, including thousands of Bulgarian mail-order brides. Becoming a customer service takes less than a minute. It cannot but rejoice that the company offers free communication with girls from Bulgaria. The disadvantage is that most likely you will find a girlfriend, not a bride.


This service has existed for a long time and unites the hearts of people from different parts of the world. LoveSwans specializes in Bulgarian mail order brides but you can also find your soul mate from Asia or America. The disadvantages are no free messages available and no focus on the special region.


InternationalCupid is one of the leading and most popular dating sites across the world. Using this site you can find your love in any of more than 30 countries of the world. Judging by the reviews, this is one of the most reliable sites on the Internet for dating and building a family with a Bulgarian girl. The disadvantages are a lack of application for iOS and very limited communication options.


This is a world-famous site with Bulgarian mail order brides. Many charming European ladies are registered here, including beautiful girls for weddings from Bulgaria. Even not knowing the language will not prevent you from communicating with them thanks to professional translators. One of the disadvantages is the incomplete verification and detailing of profiles.


A well-known and reliable site for finding your soulmate, with whom you will build a family. Convenient filters, easy to use, but not without drawbacks. The disadvantage of this service is you need to pay almost immediately.


Another mobile app, extremely popular in Bulgaria. By becoming a user of this application, you use it for free without using your credit card and payment almost immediately. This service offers a premium account with additional functions about which you can read in the app description. You can find your love here, but the app is better for flirting. This is its disadvantage.


Another one of the most popular and quality matrimonial services. It attracts customers with a high level of reliability, professional support, and an excellent set of tools for communicating with charming  Bulgarian mail order bride. The disadvantage is the mediocre design of the official site.


This marriage service is aimed at European users, so it is easy to find a beautiful girl from Bulgaria here. As a user of this service, you get access to modern search algorithms and communication technologies, but without a mobile application for iOS. This is the disadvantage of this service.


Also one of the popular dating sites. It is used by users from different countries, thanks to a simple interface and a convenient registration form. Here you can find your love without spending a lot of time, as this service has wonderful functional options, a gift system, a simple payment system and much more. But there are also disadvantages. There is a lack of special application for phone usage and mail verification.